The Power of Pizza

The power of pizza- or any food for that that matter- has the power to bring peopleIMG_7087
together, especially teenagers! My second year here, I moved to a new home to be able to better host events and invite students into my home. My place is a little one bedroom cottage. I started pizza night to give them a few minutes to relax in their stressful week with their peers in a safe environment. Students have learned to cut onions and pineapple, experiment with spices, and learn some basics of cooking. We laugh, play games, sing, dance, and just have fun. This time has lead to encouragement, faith stories, and real conversations.

My years of youth ministry has taught me there is a power in eating together. Do a quick google search on the value of sharing meals together. We let down are guard, we are more relaxed when we share a meal. Think about all the meals shared together in the Bible. Think of all the events and how food is the central part of those events. It isn’t just because we need to eat.

This week, my Grade 11s broke the record. Most years were 6-12 students. Last year we had a few times of 17 or 18. Today, there were 33 students in my home! Wow!!! Times of laughter, sharing games, and scarfing down pizza like savage wolves. One pizza would come out of the over and 15 hands would hover over the pan, as the pizza was cut, the slices disappeared.

But more than all the fun, I pray that students know we love them and they see source of the love! I pray they see they can have a great time without all the things the world says they need to have fun. And above all, I pray they see the love of their Heavenly Father through us and the bonds built open doors for conversations with peers and teachers. It is one of the highlights of my week and I know it is for the students as well! Thank you all for your support that enables me to be able to share the power of pizza.


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