Humidity & Electronics

Humidity and electronics do not go well together! Add almost daily use by me and my19956583_10100575937548484_2549537628654787416_o students and you have a well worn out camera. I bought my camera used a few years before I moved to Tanzania. The last year it has been showing more signs of needing to be replaced. Photography isn’t just a fun hobby and a nice thing to have around. It is actually a part of my job and a ministry to my church and to the missionary community. So now that I am at full support (yay!!! Thank you everyone!), I can focus on raising funds to replace my well worn equipment and finally, hopefully buy the lens I need for sports photography that I have needed since I moved here almost four years ago. Full support means by living needs are covered but no room for savings for big purchases like these.

Microsoft Word - Cartoon-Chef-Special-Children-Benefit-Bake-SaleSo how am I raising these funds? I am having an open house/bake sale at The Hall in Overisel, MI on July 29. Stop by and say hi, see some of the photography I have taken, buy some yummy food, and hear about what I have been up to at HOPAC in the last two years. Stay for a few minutes or a few hours. I would love to see you!

Not able to stop out but you are interested in helping me to buy this equipment? I have started a GoFundMe Campaign:

Thank you all for your ongoing support! I will have another post later this week with a better update of the last few months.



2 thoughts on “Humidity & Electronics

  1. Dear Rebecca, my name is Gloria Nyaki. I write to request your kind assistance. I have a daughter who is about to finis grade 7 primary school in Tanzania and i would like her to join HOPAC. I have tried to write several times but i get a reply that there is no slot for a new student. It is my desire to have her enrolled in a Christian based school, where she can get the Christian values as she studies. I am a humanitarian staff working in Nigeria and this is important for me given my absence most of the time. Thank you for your response and assistance.

    Kind regards, gloria.

    • Hello Gloria! I am not involved with admission other than for grade 9 and Grade 11. But I do know, regretfully, that is the process. We have a waitlist and to be fair to everyone, we need to stick with it.

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