Pray For Rain

I love a warm summer rain back in Michigan. It is usually gentle but enough to need a umbrella. It was a break from the heat. I loved the smell. You could smell the rain before you felt it. It was refreshing and everything was cleaner and brighter after the rain had passed.

The rains here in Tanzania are amazing! It is like someone pouring a bucket of water on you. Torrential downpours for extended periods of time. It is hard to throughly enjoy them though because I know people are getting flooded out of their homes, crops are being washed away and lives are being lost. With the heavy rains can come heavy loss.

election1But this week, I am praying for rain. I am praying for rain for a few reasons. First of all we are in a drought. The “short rains” should have already started and they haven’t yet. Crops and livestock are being lost due to the lack of water. With so many people depending on their small farms to support their families, this can impact many people.

And second and even more importantly because of elections. Yes, you read that right. I want to to rain because of the elections. What could one possibly have to do with the other? I’ll explain.

Tanzania’s presidential elections will be on Sunday. Thankfully, unlike most other African counties, Tanzania has a history of peaceful elections since it became a country over 50 years ago. This year though, there are concerns, that it might not be as peaceful. This is the first year there are have been two strong candidates running. Until now, only one party has been in power. The people are ready for change and are hoping this is the year. But, like most elections, there are pros and cons to both candidates and strong opinions. Energy is high in Dar. Flags are flying everywhere, rallies almost daily and excitement for what might be. As some friends and I was passing by some flags, one of them commented how it almost feelselection2 like a movie. How will this movie end? Protests and riots? Uneventful submission to whatever the results are? I replied, “I just hope in a few weeks I can look back on my pictures of the flags with fond memories of the excitement of this time. We were on our way to the store to stock up in case we need to stay put for a few days. There are rumors that communication, water, and power will be cut for a few days. Thankfully where I am, we will most likely just be inconvenienced.

So why pray for rain because of the elections? If it is raining, people won’t go out as quick. If it is raining, any fires that had been started will be put out. If it is raining, people will be happy that the drought has been broken, that their crops will grow and their livestock will have water. If it rains, tempers will be doused. Please pray for physical rain and for the Holy Spirit to rain down on this country. Many, many prayers are being said for this great country.

Please join me in praying for Tanzania. As the words of the National Anthem say:

Mungu Ibariki Afrika, (God Bless Africa)
Wabariki Viongozi Wake, (bless her leaders)
Hekima, Umoja na Amani (wisdom, unity and peace)
Hizi ni Ngao Zetu,(these are our shields)
Afrika na Watu Wake. (Africa and her people)
Ibariki, Afrika, (Bless,Africa)
Ibariki, Afrika, (Bless,Africa)
Tubariki, Watoto wa Afrika,(Bless, Children of Africa)

Mungu Ibariki Tanzania, (God Bless Tanzania)
Dumisha Uhuru na Umoja,(sustain independence and unity)
Wake kwa Waume na Watoto,(Women, Men and Children)
Mungu, Ibariki, (God, Bless,)
Tanzania na Watu Wake (Tanzania and her people)
Ibariki, Tanzania, (Bless,Tanzania)
Ibariki, Tanzania, (Bless,Tanzania)
Tubariki, Watoto wa Tanzania (Bless, Children of Tanzania)election3



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