God Provides

Statistics show that missionaries generally live under significant stress. That stress is brought on by the culture they live in, the work they are doing, the changes affecting their relationships, and especially finances/fundraising. Before going home this summer, evaluated my budget and determined the amounts I would need to raise this summer. Knowing I would only be in the US for 6 weeks made the task seem impossible but I knew God wanted me at HOPAC so I trusted he would provide… but the human side the untrusting, controlling part of me took over sometimes and I would stress. After having been home 3 weeks, nothing had changed. I had sent 400+ letters, spoken in churches, had a fundraising dinner… God will provide… but I was stressed. It wasn’t a restful summer. Feared I would have to send a message to my students saying I wouldn’t be returning. I feared God might have been closing the door on my time in Tanzania.

I kept praying and trusting God would provide. I knew he would, he always does just in time. I used to jokecar that I was going to plan my wedding and I would meet the guy I was going to marry the day before my wedding because thats how God seemed to work in my life. He must think I really need to learn patience and to trust Him because he was answers JUST when it feels like time is running out. This summer was no different. After four weeks of nothing, a stranger to me stepped up with support beyond what I could imagine, then friends stepped up, and money appeared in my account. More than I dared dream. God did provide… I knew He would, why did I stress? Why do I allow doubt to creep in? Not only did he provide financially, but he provided a more affordable car freeing up some money to pay off furniture I bought last year! Other than school loans, I am once again debt free! Thank you all for your support not only financially but through prayer as well. My monthly support is not quite all there yet. Still needing $80/mth. God will provide. My students and I are so grateful to all of you!


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