Help me stay in TZ!

So what I have I been up to in my time back to the states? MVK_3315 Lots of photography (thank you to everyone who booked me!) and fundraising! I have never been at full support and now need to buy a car too! So I need to raise at least $200/month in monthly support (really need $700) and $7,000 for a car. Three ways to help:

1. If 20 people commit to supporting me for $10/mth I will reach my $200 goal that I must have before I leave in 3 weeks. Since I am planning to stay indefinitly monthly support helps me better long term.
2. Attend my Pizza night on July 28 at 6:30 at the Overisel Hall. Almost every week in Tanzania I invite all the Grade 11 and 12 students to my house for a pizza night. We play games, make pizza, dance and just have fun laughing together. I am going to attempt to recreate a Pizza Night for all my family and friends! Please come to this fundraising dinner to learn more about what I have been doing in Tanzania the last two years and support God’s ministry at HOPAC!
3. I just put up an album for an online auction. Bid on some items from Tanzania and a few items I had bought for myself but never used! More information on the album.…everyone

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