11- Kwayu DawsonThe hard court is our schools basketball court. Where we have assemblies, play games, worship, and make lots of noise. Not today. Today while full of 150 students, it was silent. Usually full of navy and light blue shirts today it was full of black. It is somber across campus. It just doesn’t feel right, nor should it. HOPAC suffered a great loss. A young life, a vibrant man with dreams of being a doctor was taken in an instant. Dawson was crossing the road to catch a ride back to school to play football (soccer) with his friends when he was hit by a lorry (big truck like dump truck) and died of severe head trauma in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

I sat in the memorial service today and cried for our students. They are so broken right now. So many hard questions. I cried for my co-workers that work so closely with these students and will be walking along side these students as they wrestle with these hard questions. I cried for Dawson’s mother who lost her son after having lost her husband in a auto accident a few years ago. Through the tears, I am thankful I was able to celebrate that Dawson is with Jesus. I pray that the impact of his short time on earth influenced his peers many of whom are not Christians.

I went through my pictures last night and realized I only had the yearbook picture of him. He wasn’t even in the class picture. He was absent that day. I am a photographer. I read over and over stories of how important photographs are. I completely agree with the stories. Yet, I never thought about it outside of “formal” pictures. In an instant, all you have left are memories and pictures. Pictures that show the joy of life, the smile that made your day better, the fun times had together. I don’t think I will see my role as campus photographer the same ever again.

I am thankful to know people around the world are praying for the HOPAC community. Please continue to pray for us, especially the two groups of students in these pictures. The first is grade 11 and the second is his football team.





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