I knew November was going to fly by, but it didn’t just fly… did it even exist?!

A few of the women on the hill have been reading the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and the bible study that goes with it. Voskamp challenges us to find 1000 reasons to give thanks, little everyday things. She claims when you take the time to give thanks time stops. Not actually stops, but when you stop to acknowledge and say thank you for the little gifts, you recognize a moment in time you might have flown past. You savor a time in life that would have been overlooked. I admit I have not done well this month recognizing and savoring the little gifts. I have had many to be thankful for but haven’t made the time to truly savor them all. As a photographer, I feel I tend to be a little more aware than some of the little details we so quickly pass by. I try to capture them with my camera and then am able to relive the moment again and again. I am going to attempt to share a few of the many gifts I was privileged to experience this month (yes, sorry it has been so long!) with the pictures.


*  I am thankful to be asked to photograph a grade 1 student’s baptism inour school pool in front of her classmates.


* I am thankful for Pamoja Week. HOPAC’s spirit week is called Pamoja Week which means together. This week long event truly brought students together, showed their creativity, and the creativity of the teachers and staff too! Each day had a theme: Fashion Disaster day, Character Day, Decade Day, Tourist Day and International Day. And yes, that is me as Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty

131108_0137 131108_0299 131108_0374 131108_0407 131108_9841 131108_9895 131108_9901 131108_9907 131108_9914 131108_9922

* I am thankful for International Day. Although International Day is part of Pamoja Week, it is much more than that! HOPAC has students from over 30 countries. We celebrated the culture and food of many of the countries and had a full assembly when they could walk around the gym to their national anthem.  I have always teared up watching the parade of Nations at the Olympics. I more than teared up! Mr Russell our Chaplain said something like, “Where else in the world can peoplefrom so many countries and religions come together to work and play and do it well? The world needs HOPAC students. They are the world changers. ”


*  I am thankful for the beauty around me

131114_3006 131114_3014 131115_4021

* I am thankful for my Photography skill. This gift has opened so many doors of conversation, introduced me to all of the students as I took their school pictures, their sibling pictures, and a few of the families too. These are a few of the funny out-takes.

131122_4692 copy

* I am thankful the school had a grant to allow me to go to a conference in Monaco to learn more about my job and network with other Academic Counselor/Guidance Counselors and College admissions counselors.


* I am thankful for a great community to celebrate with. I was able to have two wonderful thanksgiving celebrations in one day… so much wonderful food!


* I am thankful for new friends


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