What am I forgetting?!

Trip to the zoo- check


Pick blueberries- check

Get shots- check (and ouch!)

Buy Suitcase- check

Buy long skirts and new shirts- check

Buy sunblock- check

and the list goes on and on… some checked,  some not.

I got to check another thing off the list today, my resident visa!

The main one I can’t check off yet is my funding. I am much closer and I anxiously await Fridays when I get my updated statement. As of last week Friday I was at 80% of start-up costs and 22% of monthly pledges. It isn’t looking like I will be able to leave by the 13th as I had hoped, but I am confident it won’t be too much later! I had the privilege of sharing in church this week. I love sharing about HOPAC, TeachBeyond and what God has been doing in my life. God is Good!

Update: My garage sale went REALLY well! I only have like 20 totes to go through in the garage yet… and that is a small fraction of what I had at the beginning of the summer!

Prayer Requests:

* That I don’t become overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done

* There is so much I don’t know about moving over seas. I am afraid I am going to forget to ask about something… I don’t know what, but it is a concern.

* Praise God my fundraising is as far as it is. Please pray the rest comes in quickly so I don’t miss too much of the school year! If you would like to support me, more information can be found under Join The Team!


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