Sharks & Elephants!

On the 4th, my family likes to go to Holland’s State Park and watch the fireworks. We make a fun evening of a picnic, watching the boats and playing in the lake. As the rest of the family sat and watched the boats I took Tally (7), Chase (5) and Addy (3) to play in the water. Tally has been asking good questions for a few months now. This night she asked how close I would be to the Indian Ocean. I told her I could see it from my house! Chase then asked if there were sharks in the Indian Ocean. To which Tally said I better be careful or they will bite off my hand or foot! Sweet addy then says, “but you won’t be in the ocean, right? You will be on a boat! Right?” I love their inquisitive minds and seeing life through their eyes. Tally thinks it is pretty cool that I am going to be near Madagascar and see zebras.  Today Addy comes running into the garage completely serious and a little scared. “I heard something.” “What did you hear?” I asked. “Was it an animal?” Thinking she heard the chickens or maybe a wild turkey. Then she says, “I think it was an Elephant!”  to which I replied, “If it comes over here we will know!” She didn’t like that answer very much so I quickly said it was probably the dogs making funny noises in the kennel. Maybe we have been talking about Africa too much? I am soaking up every moment I can with my nieces and nephew. The thought of not being here in Michigan with them the next two years is heart wrenching but I am also excited to teach them about life in another part of the world and more importantly what it means to follow God’s call in your life. I am so thankful for Skype and Facebook.

I can’t believe I will hopefully be leaving in just over a month! So much to do yet. The biggest part is funding. I am currently at 25% of start-up costs and 2% of monthly pledged support. I used to joke that I serve a God that likes to do everything in my life last minute. Just when I think I am going to be without a job… last day he provides it, he has done the same financially a few times, I even said I was going to plan my wedding and God would introduce me to my Fiancé the day before the wedding. I am confident the Lord will provide for my move too, I just pray it isn’t all last minute! I have added more information under Join the Team if you would like to be part of my financial and/or prayer team.

This week will be busy getting ready for a 3 day garage sale! Thursday-Saturday my sister-in-law and I will be having a moving/garage sale at her place on M-222 just east of Allegan. I have SO MUCH STUFF I need to sell! Please come! Please tell your friends!

This weeks prayer requests:

* Please start praying now for me and my family especially the kids. That we won’t miss each other too much.

* That the garage sale goes well this week. Pray for good weather, lots of sales, and opportunity to share what God is doing around the world.

* Funding- I had set a goal of July 19. I would really like to be able to reach that goal and buy my plane ticket.



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