“Hi! My name is Rebecca…

…and I am going to Tanzania!”

After saying that I think 100+ times over the past week, I am starting to believe it! I spent the past week at Wheaton College with about 80 people working with TeachBeyond to go to various counties around the world. As many said, it was like drinking from a fire hose. So much to take in from fundraising to communicating to donors to policies, technology, self analysis, cultural adaptation,  worship, and testimony time. I continue to be impressed with the TeachBeyond organization. Every staff member I met was a genuinely caring person with a servants heart and deep love of God and his call in each of our lives. I love that the Lord lead me to this organization.

My favorite talk was Cyd Storrs talk about Third Culture Kids. I was wide awake and soaking every word she said. This was, after all, the reason I wanted to work at an international school! She said she had been working with David Pollock giving talks together until he passed away. Whoa… this woman is legit! She has been teaching along side the guru of TCKs! This unique population intrigues me and pulls at my heart strings and her talk reaffirmed the passion God has laid on my heart for them.

I was also able to meet Brittany, a woman I am going to be serving with at HOPAC and Grace, a native Tanzanian that has been working at HOPAC and was in Chicago getting her masters degree. It was wonderful to talk to Grace and learn more about Dar Es Salaam and living in that area. She spoke so highly of all the staff members. I know moving away is going to be hard, but I am reaffirmed in my call and the excitement is continuing to build!

A few prayer requests:

* I moved out of my duplex into my parents house this weekend. So my life is in very disorganized boxes right now which is stressful.  Please pray for peace and that my parents and I can handle the adjustment well.

* I received my first statement for my fundraising and I am humbled and overjoyed by what support has come in so far. THANK YOU! I have a long way to go but I am confident God will provide. Please pray that I will be fully supported in time to leave in August so I can start with the other new staff and be able to attend HOPAC’s orientation.

* I would love to have a prayer team, 100+ people I know are praying for my ministry. If you would like to be added to my email list. Please email me at rlaarman@teachbeyond.org. I plan to send one email a month unless there is a more urgent need for prayer. Please pray that people will contact me and commit to praying.




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